One Big Rant: Rights for You, Me, and Everyone

Let me start this rant by explaining myself, because I know there will be some arguments as to my right to talk about other peoples’ lives somewhere. I am a straight white male and boringly average in every way: I don’t dress in any peculiar clothing, I am strictly only interested in females sexually, I play games as a hobby and, as much as I would love to be, I am unfortunately not currently employed and I am doing what I can to try and alter that. I no longer watch TV and if I ever watch anything now it’s on YouTube, and in case I haven’t mentioned being the nocturnal Welshman lately, I’m British. I detest competitive gaming, mostly sticking to multiplayer co-operative games wherever possible.

Why am I saying all this from the outset? Because I want to talk about equality, and how people have skewed equality to mean “I should be more important than other people than I am right now”, which in turn gets skewed to mean “I should be more important than other people”. And I want people of all races, all origins, all colours, all genders and from all manners of life to help make what I want to happen exist: Those that are incapable of doing so will be lost in my mind, and beyond any redemption until they amend their ways. It will be as simple as that, for what I ask of people is not a tough thing to do – at the very least it shouldn’t be – it is to give equality across the board.

This whole argument that #GamerGate has exaggerated ferociously is part of the inspiration for this, as I was recently involved with a random person from that camp in discussions about TotalBiscuit, why they are even in GG when they don’t even play games and why they basically were an MRA. I was left thinking, afterwards: “Why did this guy join #GamerGate? He’s not in it for games journalism, he’s in it for men’s rights in an industry that seems to only have that, and is not what it’s about, if you follow those who believe in their ‘mission statement’, if you can call it that. And his involvement is only because of Anita because she’s female and putting out daft videos the internet merely laughed at when they first came out, but then got famous because some of GG/*chan wanted to make threats to her because ???”

Then I was thinking: Why does it even need to get this far? How is equality such a horrible thing for society to achieve? Why does it need all these campaigns, all these heinous attacks, all these terrorist acts? Let’s face it: That’s what doxxing promotes, that’s what swatting is, and if someone ends up dying because of any of this shit, that isn’t bonus points or five-star street cred: That’s first degree murder, and being an accomplice in said murder. If that is the kind of thing you support, then I hope that you end up falling on the sword you wield, because you should have no place in this world for even attempting to drive it down into the abyss through terrorism. No religious text, no higher power save the demons and devils would ever sanction such acts, so if you do this from religious zeal then you are going to regret your choices in the afterlife.

Why is it so hard to give equality, though? Let’s start simple: Stop attacking someone based on their gender. Women don’t use rape as a point scoring system, men don’t use rape to deny they enjoy the sex they got, trans and others aren’t asking to be massacred for what they simply are. There is no reason for any person to harm another person. None. If they do not directly affect your life, they should have no consequences for existing. And even if they do: Is it really so hard to not talk about the issues you have with them over wishing their death or molestation, or if you are the person approached, is it so hard to explain your stance and position in the matter and just talk it through? This shouldn’t have to be about stalking out another person, terrorising them before acting against them for some blind, obnoxious notion of revenge for some random slight they never directly had against you personally in the first place.

Rape is rape. Murder is murder. A person is a person. The moment you deny one is the other is the moment your mind denies the truth. Having someone killed by a SWAT team bursting into their house isn’t washing the blood from your fingers because sanctioned attack squads committed the crime: You still made them act on false pretenses, and you weaponised a terrorist attack using the government’s resources, and they will have every intention of absolving their own crimes in the face of their superiors by finding and supplanting you. Giving out a person’s address and not expecting consequences is a fucking retarded act as well: You are an accomplice to a crime should anything happen to them at that point. Why do you think the dox seller right now is doing everything to flee the country after giving out the dox of a President-appointed judge? If anything happens to that person, they would rank up as an accomplice to an attack against a Presidential official – which is treason for all intents and purposes – so I’m not surprised whatsoever by this news , because that’s logic making way past being a stupid person.

Why even do any of this in the first place, though? Any feminist/trans person out there just want to be on equal ground to males in respect of treatment, pay and voice (then there is the extreme feminist that wants everything to be led by females and believe males the inferior gender, but they are going too far) and is that really so hard for you corporate shitholes? Any male rights activist wants fair treatment too: The acknowledgement that male rape does happen, that fathers are still slighted against when it comes to fighting for access to their children in court, that there are people out there who would rather promote females when a male can do the job just as well, but are slighted against because “Sex appeal sells, man~!” I personally won’t deny any of it: I was raised by my mother, never saw my father much, and while I understand he was a violent and aggressive prick that I still hate to this day for what he chose to do to me and my family, I also understand that the moment he was in the courtroom he was always against the grain in the fight. I might personally be thankful for that, but there’s better fathers out there who deserve that chance.

The whole rape thing needs better understanding anyway. It also needs more pro-active movement when it comes to dealing with a rape crime. If a rape crime is committed, don’t wave it off as the person wanting to have sex and reacting in regret of that, or asking to be raped with what they’re wearing, or anything of that shit you want to say to ignore the fact that a crime was committed you fucking insolent ape. RAPE. IS. RAPE. It doesn’t help rape culture when you or anyone else waves it off as someone “asking for it”. THE ONLY ONES ASKING FOR RAPE ARE THE FUCKERS COMMITTING IT, ELSE THEY WOULD NEVER DO IT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE YOU RETARDED SIMPLETON. It’s sickening to think that people out there still see a person wanting to look attractive as a thing that makes them want to be fucked against their will by any willing takers and it’s fucking stupid. STOP WAVING OFF RAPE. STOP TREATING IT AS RAPE CULTURE AND START TREATING IT AS RAPE CRIME, NO MATTER THE GENDER. And for fuck’s sake, get a fucking chastity belt if you honestly can’t control your fucking awkward boners.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop throwing the LGBT community under the fucking bus while we’re at it. They are PEOPLE. Many persons. And A PERSON IS A PERSON. They don’t deserve threats because of the gender they choose to have sex with, or the person they choose to be. They don’t deserve to be treated unfairly just because they don’t fall in love to an opposing gender like people like me do. They should have just as much right to live, to love, to work on equal pay and be treated fairly and equally as any other person on this earth: Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply denying that a person is a person and, simply because they feel that such people are less than a person, they deserve unequal treatment, to which people I say: HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU FEEL BEING TREATED LIKE SHIT ON YOUR OWN FUCKING SHOE YOU OBNOXIOUS PRICK?! Just because you don’t have the same life as another fucking person gives you NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to suppress that person futher than this current climate already fucking does. Rather than making the problem worse, fix it: At the very least, do nothing to make it worse, but if you want to actually get that support from those people who are pushed below you? Lift them up. Help them stand as equals. Offer a hand, not a boot, and you might find yourself making friends over making enemies for once in your damn life.

For the record, I have no idea where the fuck the guy got this from, either.

But on that note, let’s talk about origins, and our reaction against a person’s origins to throw them under the bus because they come from a foreign country. It’s a fairly global problem: Stories of people in Asia not helping anyone unless you speak their own language, people in the UK blaming foreigners for the lack of jobs in the country for British-born people, people in the US blaming various foreigners for the crimes committed in various states, it’s not a new thing and likely will be a problem that’ll never get a definitive solution from those in power who could change it. But what can we do? Well, for a start, STOP TREATING OTHER CULTURES AS PIECES OF SHIT. Some of these people have fled from their homes to try and live a more peaceful life and/or support their family, something everyone in every country has the aim to do: Provide for themselves and their loved ones. And NOBODY should be prejudiced just for doing the one thing every other fucking person should be doing for themselves and those close to them. If they are taking jobs for less pay, report the people employing them: Most places have a Minimum Wage Act (most likely a UN-enforced thing in general) and anyone being paid less than that are working for law-breakers. If they’re getting equal pay? Eh, they have a job. You just have to keep seeking out one that will take you on – not an easy struggle, trust me, I know, but it’ll come with enough patience.

Also, let’s stop with the colour/racial stereotyping. Not every person of colour walks around with a gun chanting rap songs, slapping up ho’s and popping caps in people’s asses just for looking at them funny. Not every Indian person is only capable of working in a kebab shop, not every Asian is only good for opening a Chinese shop and selling you Chicken Chow Mein for £4.20 a time, not every Mexican is only good at making the spicy deluxe taco you delight yourself on over the weekend. And no, not every British person spends their day drinking tea, eating crumpets and talking about the weather. Minus the crumpets, that would be my mother, but still! Stereotyping a person because of their origins is dumb. They are equally as capable in any field as any white person in the world, and for any American that’s looking at this going “Fuck you, I’m American, Americans should be running America!” Let me ask you this: Did you give the natives your jobs and employment, then? Because in case you Americans can prove otherwise, America in it’s very origins is a country that was built around multiple cultures: Formerly British, French, Spanish, and likely various other origins that I have vague memory of because Brits don’t get taught about America in school – my knowledge of it extends from AC3 and what research I looked into following that. So do me a favour, and remember that you’re just as much a foreigner in origin as anyone else there unless you have a native bloodline, in which case you should know better in the first fucking place as you’re already multi-cultural.

Equality, people. It’s about seeing a person as a person, and giving that person just as much right as another person. Anything that does not affect you should have no issue with you. Anything that does affect you should be dealt with diplomatically, and if your actions affect another person’s life, you should ALWAYS determine whether it’s to their benefit or to their detriment, and if it’s to their detriment, you should stop yourself from whatever you had plans of doing and move on. If you cannot hold yourself back from being a fucking asshole, maybe you shouldn’t be around anyone. Maybe you shouldn’t be around the people who you can’t hold yourself back from harming. Maybe you shouldn’t be around those who can be influenced by your vitirol and your poison. Maybe you should be the one to be exiled, where you would otherwise exile other people just for being different to you, simply because you feel that you are the only person in the world that matters. Maybe you should take time out of your life to find out why you are a part of a hate culture that only destroys, reflect on why it is that you cannot stand these kinds of people, why you feel that your actions against these people are justified then try to convince me and those who see this blog, read this post, agree with it and share it why you are justified in suppressing any other person simply for existing. Simply for a person being a person. Just know that the moment you ignore that they are a person, the moment you deny that a person is a person, I will no longer entertain your fantasies and you will be among many that I cast out of my life as leeches that only sustain themselves on the blood of others.

Understand that I make this argument not only for the gaming industry, but for every industry, for every culture, for every person from every walk of life. I make this argument for and against the society that we, the people, have allowed to form around us. I make this statement in defiance to those who would keep things the same and bring about our own self-assured destruction as human beings. I make this stand to put my place alongside those who share the same mind as I, to those who think like I do and can agree with everything that I stand for. I can converse with anyone who disagrees with me, and will be free to explain myself to anyone who wishes for peaceful conversation, and will cast off any that only seek to attack and push me aside, for I am the reflection of life looking back upon you. Should you place yourself as the unstoppable force, I will become the immovable object, for I will refuse to break to anyone’s will, as is the right of every free person walking this earth. I will give equally that which I am given in turn: I will return kindness with friendship, love with compassion, support with respect, malice with condemnation, violence with exile.

I am equality, and I will see every other person as an equal.

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One Big Rant: The #GamerGate Elephant

As mentioned on Twitter, this post has been stewing in the back of my mind for a while. Why? I wanted to know which side of the #GamerGate issue I’m on. I wanted to know who I would be getting behind and supporting in an issue that, on the outside, is a movement intended to improve games journalism for the consumer – the person on the end of the gaming hobby that ultimately has to throw their pounds, dollars and whatever else into the purchase of an artistic entertainment medium that offers the interactivity that separates it from other art forms such as film, theater and painting, although has elements of all of these in many of it’s interpretations across all the platforms it operates over.

So why is it taking so long for me to choose a side? Because both sides have aggressive, forceful elements that, ultimately, are so full of their own shit and have their head so far up their ass that they think the sunshine is somewhere past all the shitstorm. This tweet, as an example, was made because of vitrolic elements FROM BOTH SIDES pushing for a response from these people who, in the end, support diversity in gender and sexual orientation in gaming. PEOPLE SHOULD BE SUPPORTING THIS IF THEY HONESTLY SUPPORT #GAMERGATE. Yet you read along the replies to this, and the entire string of bullshit coming out of this is a literal shitstorm of people on both sides flinging shit like a bunch of hyped-up monkeys, blaming either side for the decision to not support the movement.

Anyone who takes sides in it? They’re the devil, no matter what, apparently. You support #GamerGate, you’re an enemy to game development, you support harassment in the industry and are the worst kind of fucking person alive, not to mention being a doxxer, hacker and abuser of indie game devs. You don’t support #GamerGate, you’re a feminazi, an SJW, a shill, a bane of minorities in gaming and a dispicable piece of shit for letting game journalists get away with shit they shouldn’t be getting away with. And this is the main reason why people like myself refuse to take a side – because both sides make you labelled as a piece of shit.

And the thing is? It’s not the only example of the shitfest. It’s been a movement that’s lasted for months at this point, and the origins are about as mixed as the opinions of those who operate on both sides of it. One origin story goes that it’s originally a 4chan “movement” that then overlapped to Twitter in a smear campaign against outspoken feminists and feminist supporters like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkessian (and I can never be sure I spelled that name right) and is nothing more than a mask for people who are now in 8chan (because 4chan got tired of this shit, it seems) that even now continues to harass and intimidate those who want to speak up but can’t for fear of their real-life loved ones.

Another origin story is that the tag was started up in response to the “Gamers are Deadarticles that cropped up over many journalist websites (a lot of which cite up the Zoe/Anita harassment as well) and #GamerGate was the kneejerk reaction to basically throwing ALL gamers under the bus for the actions of those willing to go too far with their harassment towards people in the industry (and those outside it just putting out a voice). And yes, there are more than those four articles, all basically recycling the same thing or the initial ones that came out on the very same day (28th August 2014). Thus the idea that the journalists were fabricating the media to turn against gamers in general became a thing – and gamers would break down the gates of corruption in journalism to expose their bullshit and everything would be for the better, right?

But here’s the thing: The harassment never stopped. My opinion of how it’s gone is that there was a harassment campaign before GG began, all because of a hate post from a former relationship partner that eventually became a 4chan activist campaign. When it started getting noise and attention after Anita was pulled in to the hate campaign, journalists pitched in with what they saw and declared that there was no saving the term “gamers” from this developing shitstorm, which agitated all sides of the gamer sphere and with corruption being the word of the hour, #GamerGate began. Not that 4chan stopped the harassment under this – they just co-opted the tags to continue on under the radar and protection of a legitimate movement to improve standards in gaming journalism.

So where does this leave the discussion? In a chaotic mess of shit. You have the journalists, who see #GamerGate as an attack on their professionalism and is a large rebuttal to their opinion pieces. You have the entusiastic gamers looking to protect possibly their only hobby from being broken apart by corruption in the medium. Then you have the fringe arguments: You have the feminist gamers, who want to see more games be more respectful to women, which then brings in the gamers who are Male Rights Activists (MRA’s) to oppose them (because agendas are hateful things, I guess?), then the 4chan people (who are now 8chan people due to reasons) that continue their smear campaign against those not willing to bow down to them, the devs that stand against those people, the people who are against harassment and see #GamerGate as a campaign of such…

Yeah, as you can plainly see, it’s a convoluted shitstorm of voices. Which is why nothing is being done. And this lack of clarity is obscuring visions across the entire spectrum: When there is this much noise and chaos in a conflict, there are no resolutions, no goals, no clear messages, and so the voices eventually combine into a wall of sound that nobody in their right mind would try to hear everything of. This is why it is so hard to know how to feel about #GamerGate. No one person anymore can prove how #GamerGate started. No one person can prove things did or didn’t happen unless there’s some active ongoing archive of events – and although there is a fairly interesting effort going on here to make one, accuracy past the point of this entire thing exploding beyond control cannot be confirmed, and it doesn’t include the many debates that escalate over Twitter or discussions hidden in chat logs like the one from David Futrelle’s investigations.

There are those who actually to take a moderate, reasonable stance in this shit, from both sides. I’ve had civil, convincing discussions with those who truly believe #GamerGate is for the better of the industry, even if they have to acknowledge that there’s going to be those on the fringes that will continue to fling shit in every direction because they can and know how to. And in the eye of the storm, you have people working on ideas, means and ways of improving the system by comparing it to other reporting medias and thinking of ways for things to be improved – like having an overseer of sorts to deal with claims of corruption if they are legitimate. Something like this would actually make #GamerGate a success if going by the principle of fighting corruption!

But how can there be a resolution when those on the outside looking in are seeing all of this? How can anyone take seriously a movement to promote equality and fairness, while exorcising corruption and suppression of free speech, when the people on the edges of the debate flinging shit inwards are inequal, unfair, corrupt and/or suppressing the voices of others because they simply disagree with it? And the worst part of this? BOTH SIDES ARE AS MUCH TO BLAME FOR THIS SHIT. Supporting those who loudly try to shut down opposition to their arguments is attacking free speech AS LONG AS YOU SUPPORT THE PERSON DOING IT. But if you defend someone who’s being attacked for expressing their right to free speech? You’re a Social Justice Warrior.

Yes, it’s become that much of a gimmick that there are now BUTTONS making fun of the whole SJW rhetoric. And this is a response to the absurdity that many see throughout #GamerGate, from the GamerGate.txt Twitter account to people on the outside outright mocking the movement because of those vicious elements submerged within it. And the only reason it hasn’t stopped yet is because nobody has ended up having to feel the consequences of it: Anonymity has this bitch of a problem that when you have a thousand unknown voices shouting at the same time, there is no accountability for their actions, which means they mistake “freedom of speech” as “freedom to do whatever the fuck I want”, without realising that actions have consequences, even with anonymity, and “freedom of speech” does not mean suppressing another’s right to it. It’s a basic human right, taking that away eliminates the point of it being “free”.

Of course, the female balance issue is not just one for gaming: It’s a global concern. Which is why UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women, Emma Watson, has made it a point of debate by launching the #HeForShe trend over Twitter. Of course, with this developing all while #GamerGate extremism is still rampant, dots are connected to make out that she’s also against the MRA’s or #GamerGate in general and she gets harassment just for launching a campaign to promote equality across genders…?

And that is to say nothing of the nudes already leaked in the midst of this madness which further objectifies women and ultimately is just the ongoing smear campaign against women by hardcore MRA hacktivists with an agenda to supress all equality. Because men, apparently, “belong as the dominant species” or something, and women “should stay in the kitchen” or whatever stereotypical tag you can throw onto extremist activists like that. Which, in my personal opinion, is a complete load of bollocks. Literally.

And all while this is going on, there is still actual ongoing corruption flying about in the games industry: Publishers buying promotional material from Youtubers, editorials that criticise paying sponsorship deals all while having sponsorship deals of their own, developers advising military chiefs on how to fetishise and entice the people into buying into your views and ideals, all of which all but the most daring of voices are willing to confront and disassemble as an attempt to enforce the corruption that does exist, contrary to what others may believe.

So why does nothing happen? Because there’s too many cooks, and the broth is already spoiled at this point. There is no “victory” to be had in #GamerGate at this point. There’s too much in-fighting and bickering going on for any cohesive effort to fix the industry, and those that are trying don’t have the power behind them to make the change because of this division caused by diversity. Not that it’s beyond saving – if the shit-flingers are culled and/or prosecuted, the conversations become more respectful and progressive, the people rally behind fixing the problems and ensuring they don’t return, then there may be some saving this campaign against corruption that has been started.

But there is no “victory” to be had when the victor stands on top of the corpses of those thrown in the acid chamber of doxxes and harassment, when the victor has to then take accountability for the actions of those that came before and acted in the name of #GamerGate but instead were out for themselves, when they have to look back on the movement as a whole and see the devastation, the terracarving that came before and then explain to themselves and to those who have to write this in the history books that “it was all in the name of what was right”. And the worst part is: Both sides of the argument are becoming the monster they’re claiming to fight.

There is no true victory against a monster when you become the monster you sought to slay.

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Microsoft and Mojang sitting in a tree (that’s possibly missing the wood)

So the rumours coming around seem to be transfixed on the possibility of Mojang being bought out by Microsoft for $2bn. With both sides refusing to comment on the matter, all the rumour mill can do is spiral out of control with nobody taking the reins, and of course everyone is pitching in their two cents in the matter. Well, it would explain how Microsoft are able to make the purchase with the Xbox One being outsold by the PS4 1:3 respectively. But I have to ask: How feasible is the rumour from a consumer standpoint, and why is there an audience immediately repulsed at the idea (including, possibly, Notch who is also rumoured to be leaving the company if this deal comes through)?

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How Microsoft Faceplanted on the Starting Block

There’s something to be said about this latest generation of console releases. Both libraries have very few “new” games involved in it’s line-up (and of those, there’s nothing that really stands out for me – or for many others right now, honestly) and the only real “boast” about tech progression right now is that the graphics are better – but it’s such a barely noticeable difference on the common HDTV (when you don’t have a room that is a host to a 50″ tv, at least) that it’s pretty much negligible. At least the potential for progression is there in the new systems? Well we’ll see how it goes… Continue reading

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What The Mother Fuck Youtube?!

It’s a rare day that I will swear off something with every fibre of my being for being so horrendously retarded it should be obliterated from existence. Even less so when the thing in question is something I use on a DAILY basis, whether for the content that’s produced or for my own contributions in one way or another. But holy fuck, what has happened to Youtube since Google took over to the point of making me remove content from display on my OWN channel and exile myself from using it until it fixes it’s shit?! How did it get to be this BAD at managing it’s PR and whole system when it came to corporate bullshit?! Continue reading

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