Right…first post. Starting again now.

So…what’s going on outside WoW? Long story short, I found work. I know, shocking, isn’t it? I get to find work in this dump while everyone’s talking about cuts and unemployment at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, the job is trash cleaning…

Actually, the ‘official’ term for it is “Street Cleanser”. I could think of other words to call it, the initials of one being “S. G.” but at the end of the day it is a job. And guess what? If I didn’t get one by now, I’d be looking at the prospect of slave labour (or how the government officially classifies as something else, but the details of it are I would be forced to work for my JSA + £15…cheap labour, anyone?) and I seriously didn’t fancy starting a riot. Enough of that in France.

So I got a job. Nothing special or worth writing home about (in fact, it’s better to not write home about it – apparently after a time of grass cutting 10% of your ‘disposable overalls’ are covered in dog crap) but it’s money I haven’t had before. It should be interesting how the first day goes. Due to start, after training’s done, on the 25th this month. Intrigued, mostly, because I get the distinct impression that 20% of those that ended up applying for the same job won’t even get a chance to go through the door.

“It’s not rocket science.” Yeah…some people don’t even understand how to fill in basic things like tick boxes and lists, and people like that are expected to carry out this job with their full attention?

Anyway, I’ll end my rant here.

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