Early Morning Decapitation

That’s what I suspect to occur tomorrow. Here’s the situation: I am at Point A. I have to get to Point B. The problem? I got an estimated 4 miles of road ahead of me (according to Google Maps) and they estimate it’ll take me 1 hour and 22 minutes to make the full journey (while I suspect 2 hours). I have to make it at Point B by 8AM.

To add to this problem? I’m not a morning person. At all.

My usual ‘sleep time’ is 3AM, due to an extensive absence of things to do (other than roleplay/level on WoW). Of the few times I’ve tried to get an early sleep in at around 6-8PM, I’ve been interrupted by my family (either the kid whining and banging or being asked to babysit) and it’s one of those bothersome things that usually means I become aggressive to the point of shaking the house from a door slam.

Not my idea of a good night’s sleep, either.

Now there is a few of you that will wonder why I won’t drive there, why I won’t get a lift or a bus, why I have to walk all that distance. Two problems there: Finance and Friendships. I can’t drive and can’t afford to get a licence. I have no money at present to catch a bus and got nobody who would lend me the money to get one. I don’t know anyone heading that way and who would take me there at stupid o’clock in the morning. One way or another, not having many good friends offline and having to live off JSA for goodness knows the years means there’s actually little that can be done to change the circumstances.

Still, for all the pain, this hopefully will get me out of the black hole I’ve been spinning around in for 6 years now, where I can’t get work because I don’t have experience. It is rather tiresome, to be honest: At one point I was considered overqualified and underexperienced. I couldn’t get work because of that. I couldn’t get work because I had no experience, they don’t consider training to be relevant on-hand practical experience anymore. But how do you get the experience without finding work…?

I got my foot in the door. Now I want to shove it open and batter the life out of whoever held me back before.

Edit: As if on cue, the fireworks have started again for the season…just ANOTHER problem to deal with.

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