Well Fudge…

So…you get a job, inform the relevant people you have one and then move on to focus on the job. Then you don’t get the money when you expected it to appear. So you inquire where it’s gone and what’s happened to it all. Being late, you are worried that you could ultimately miss out on paying various bills that won’t wait and that, if forced to, will add a surcharge…

…because they are decisively slow in working out things themselves, I’ll be getting it five days later than expected.

Why? Not a clue. I officially signed off with them starting last Thursday. Officially I started work/training last Saturday, so it should’ve all been processed this Monday. Typically, that takes three days from transfer to delivery – Thursday, yesterday. It wasn’t there. All I know from that is that, somehow, they were only processing it on that same Thursday I was expecting it and now it’s three working days until it gets in in full.

Because of this, I miss out on paying several bills that come within those five days: A loan that had to wait until next week, TV payments that are due on the very Tuesday I am expected to pay it, WoW subscription on hold since I cannot pay for it within this period of time…plus an £8 rebound charge from the bank because I couldn’t pay for my phone line/broadband today. And all thanks to some *bleep* in the Job Center system who couldn’t get off their *bleep* to do something about it.

They’re quick to remind you your money’ll be stopped if you don’t look for work, but not so quick for paying out what you’re entitled to anymore, are they? And now the government are planning on screwing everyone’s money over now, whether you work or not…

I’m starting a savings account at home. Probably the safest means right now of saving money.

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