Head Lights Off & Comic Update

Didn’t get much sleep last night. Haven’t had a decent sleep for a few days now, if not for a week or so. Problems arising with family and further issues concerning the job don’t help, but neither does my mother’s love of the heating. Allow me to put it like this: It is around 7-9 C outside. Inside, where I am writing this, it’s something like 27-29 C or higher. I am sweating while sitting on my arse, and were there smoke in the house I’d think she made it into a sauna.

In other news, I am working on the story’s bones for a comic. It was first mentioned in the companion blog explaining all in Warcraft, but I can at least now reveal the main characters in this story. I will be working upon it from the emergence of Cataclysm and at the first opportunity available to me from the model viewer, so the beginning date is likely to be either at the edges of the new year or sometime after it. In the meantime, I will be etching storylines to follow, perhaps with a nod or two to particular people who I have enjoyed RPing with in the year I began doing so in WoW. So…for the characters:

Enyon Valir:-

Quite the stubborn goat in the Silver Hand’s flock, Enyon has reasons known only to himself for his hatreds. He tends to be a private individual despite his openness to others and his willingness to help others who are in need. His aggressive approach is only matched by his compassion towards others who he feels are innocent, but he has yet to learn about being protective and finding the will to protect what he cares about the most.

Yvalor Starshifter:-

Not very often you can talk about a lazy, laid-back elf, but Yvalor was much of one, mostly attuned to physical fitness as opposed to anything else. The changes to the world, however, broke this will to relax and lay back while the world itself is in danger. Being one of the new-found druids, he is not one that is prone to become grasped in the Emerald Dream himself, but he does have his own problems. Intolerance of stupidity and bickering probably a major one.

Fugor Windhammer:-

While some consider the Wildhammer to be the greater of the many cousins to the Windhammer clan, Fugor is much more understanding of the world around them than their relatives in the other Dwarven settlements. It was he who was among the first to sense an attack coming upon Ironforge and was one of many that sought to make a change and repair the world, to bring it back from the chaos that the corruption has sown. He is rather uncaring to others, however, unless they show some hope of not falling prey to the same corruption the elements have.

There is also one other main character that plays a role in this affair, one that entwines the fates of these three people into the same role. However, his presence will be revealed in due course…don’t want to give everything away now, do we?

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