It really is an odd world we live in these days. So many worries about the financial status of places and such that people are in a panic, kicking up a fuss and such. And the cameras of the news reporters are having a field day with all the insanity that occurs worldwide. One thing that bugs me though, and this question really confuses me and goes to some lengths to become annoying.

What are the people doing that are riding the wave of high money?

The footballers for one. Not one of them have taken a pay cut and they’re the highest-paid people in the UK in terms of mass of high payments. Then film stars. I find it amusing that they are living the high life while those supporting them weekend after weekend are struggling to make enough to have those five pints they drink while at the pub to watch the game, or suddenly don’t have enough to go into the stadium to watch the game. Or don’t even have enough to drop in their local cinema to watch the 17th showing of their film because they ran out of gas during the week.

How many of these people have you seen protesting with the students/professionals/otherpeoplewhoarelosingmoney out on the streets of Italy, Greece, Spain, France, the UK…or wherever has shown protests and riots in the last year? How many people stood by the side of the common person etching a living off bare scraps just to see their children get their next Christmas? Or to even see themselves make it to the next Christmas without having to make a forced change to their life or their plans?

On top of all this, it seems everything happening now is falling on deaf ears. And while all this blathers on, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the irate get more violent. And then anarchists meld in to the protestors just to add that further push for violence to simply erupt out of nowhere, these people who are so determined to destroy that they only need a reason to do it before they will. Attention seekers, the lot of them, but how many don’t have it now?

People are talking now of the foreseen world’s ending in 2012 by some ancient culture or whatever. We’re right on track. But there’s so many ways that it could happen that we are utterly incapable to react to it. Riots threatening with a global civil war. Conflicts in the middle-east that continue to drag on. Tensions over in the east that could always escalate. Global warming threats (if you believe them with recent cold weathering). So many ways to cook an apocalypse…and someone out there might still hold the red button to let everything go boom.

I mark it here. 2012: The year the Third World War begins.

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