Foundation Blocks

I’ve been thinking a lot now about actually building up a basic game to test myself, to see if I actually have what it takes – at my current stage in life – to make something that works and actually makes itself something worth playing. Since it would only be a testing and judging program, it’s entire purpose would be to get feedback but it would look to do so after the gaming experience.

The idea I have is a side-scrolling action game, where the goal is ultimately to stop an evil from spreading and overcoming the world. Cliché, perhaps, but I will be looking to add twists and turns throughout this scenario and hopefully get some forward progress on into finding out how true evil works. After all, a good story is only as good as the one writing it, and get even a single element wrong and chances are you’ll find yourself facepalming and wishing you’d did better, or something different.

Having got as far as I have with the story bible for my greater project, that will be the setting for it – Livarencia, Land of the Elements. In fact, a lot of the details from that can be used in making this one, and still keep it in sync with the other three games I intend to make for the series. There’s so much possibility for this place, so much potential I haven’t really looked into before. I just hope now that I’m able to realise that and explore it.

It’s a funny feeling, really. I’m gathering all these ideas and writing on so much paper (surprisingly, for some reason I find it easier to pen-and-paper it than to type…) and it’s starting to feel like an actual job, one I’m working on in my own time, and yet I’m only a few weeks past my first full examination on this course I’ve been undertaking. Part of me wonders if I’m ready, but then the rest is telling me if I don’t try, I’ll never know, and will never understand what I need to improve because I don’t know where I’m failing.

So on that note…let’s do this.

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