Hellfire and Ice, Ice…

It’s been a good week for my personal TV interests this week. A lot of laughs and good things going on. Makes a change for me since I rarely have the TV on except for the news (yeah, I’m a boring sort in that area) and that’s usually just in the background when I’m working on my game ideas or if playing games. Or even posting here. But two programs made me hooked to the TV, craving more.

First of all is Hell’s Kitchen. The USA version is currently on over this side of the duck pond and it’s been amusing to say the least. First to make himself a character was obviously Raj. I think his ultimate influence was asian movies, because I think there was more kung fu than foo yung in his ability. Then we got Sabrina, who clearly is digging herself a little cess pit of her own making. Only an idiot would say what she did last night, fair play. Rob is a new fun guy to watch though… “You can’t DO that to a fat guy!” Filling his pants, thinking he’s going and all he gets is a new wrap and a return to the line. Best ending to HK so far.

The second of which, then, is Dancing on Ice. I watched it last year and I just got hooked to it, it just feels more genuine and more appealing than the other shows for some reason. This year is no exception, and there’s some real talent out there, though I do think that if it was an entertainment show only, Steven left a little before his time. Still, the entertainment is brought now from Vanilla Ice who is, by my opinion, such an outgoing person in performing that the energy is just infectious. Right now, I watch the show for him and the two leaders in the race, Sam and Chloe.

In case you missed it, I linked to the shows I’m watching at the moment in the post, though I am uncertain how internationally they would work. People in the UK should be fine with it, though. If I can only recommend two shows to watch on the box over the week, they are all I can suggest. Other than that, not much else I can think of to write for what’s been going on, so yeah…enjoy.

Quotes for the Week:

“I’ve been given my own song…OMG!” – Vanilla Ice, Dancing on Ice 2011.

“I can’t dance like that on ice! …oh, I’d crash!” – Vanilla Ice, Dancing on Ice 2011. (He did in the end…)

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