Runaway Train

That’s how time appears to me of late. I have so little of it and yet so much to do, and just no time left to actually focus my mind onto any one thing in particular. It’s just a complete mess at the moment, but such is life. Allow me to divulge the details of my mess at the moment:

Work: I got only 6 weeks left of it, where I finish on the 15th April. For the three days I am earning a paycheck, some time is spent on making sure I keep getting those paychecks. Wouldn’t be work otherwise. It’s been a growing evaluation that not everyone sees work as something they need to be doing, though. Perhaps it’s a driver’s curse, but apparently having a vehicle means you can do as you please when you please. To which I disagree completely.

The good thing is that in 6 weeks’ time, I won’t have that problem anymore. I won’t be in that job and I’ll be back to looking for work. The bad thing, though, is exactly that – looking for work. Jobs are still as scarce and as meaningless as before, and even more so now that there’s no longer an FJF system in place – in fact, it seems Conservative are working towards slave labour.

Think about it like this: A person showing evidence of looking for and applying for work in two weeks gets JSA. Normally, after that, you get put onto a scheme to help you find work where the help is needed. Now? You get put into work, but for JSA+£30 every two weeks. Logic? I think not. I mean… (A) It’s slave labour, since it is working in a paying job and the person involved is recieving below National Minimum Wage. (B) Where are people finding the time to apply for work (and search for work at that) when they are working five times a day, from morning to evening?

Answers on a comment, please.

Personal: Not too personal, though. But in summary, I am trying to press on with a course in Game Design. And bloody heck…the next book in the series is HUGE! I’m going to need to find time for that somewhere. Then there’s WoW RP to keep up with, which Gordrake has delved upon moreso, so go to that one if you’re curious.

I’ve also been just generally feeling out of it lately, not really looking to do much in any way. My room needs tending to, I need to work on my story bible for Livarencia Quest and also should get around to levelling on the games I’ve been playing of late, but that just tends to collapse when either something else comes up or when I just really need to rest my head. Then there’s the case of my nephew and my babysitting of him (which comes at the price of other things in my life, such as WoW, break-time, game development, etc. every time) which is developing to be a pain in the ass.

I miss the days where I felt that I had time. Still, I suppose if I had the money I’d also have time to spare too, since I wouldn’t have to worry. But I guess one cannot have everything. It becomes hard, though, to actually try to get everything into focus and try to keep to working on so many things that need your full time, dedication and focus to actually make it pay off. And trying to do it all, some of the above things usually fall along the wayside and get lost in the past.

Usually, it’s my break-time.

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