Well…hi again.

I don’t tend to do well with blogs, do I? First I’ve left Gordrake on his own on the WoW blog and now I haven’t written a thing for this once since…since when was it? Back in March? Geez, that’s a long time. Well since Gordrake has kindly summed up my lack of WoW-time, I’ll go over what else has been missed in that time period from then until now.

As predicted, I ended up back on JSA and, also as predicted, the jobs market is still skittering on rock bottom, with the major jobs all needing driving tuition. As if you can’t have someone walk around their local town to deliver and collect a few leaflets or whatever. I haven’t been pushed into the slave labour market yet, but the government might want to watch their wallets if they do, frankly, because I’m fairly certain I got a good case against them if they force me to work for only another £15 a week.

On the course side of things, I managed to finish it at last, just waiting for the last results to come back now and then I should be on the next course segment. I also got some portfolio and assignment work to get on with, so I’ll be working on those in my spare time also while I’ve got my head in the task. I’ve also been working on reviving The Light Within, an old RP haunt of mine, though how smoothly that is going varies from occasion to occasion. RP-side, though, is going well, even if the game mechanics are a kettle of worms.

I have gradually got some more break time of late now, and dropping WoW and having no 8-hour working pattern means I got quite a bit of it nowadays. So I decided I would spend it on other games. Got a 360 with the last of my work money and a few games, so hopefully I’ll at least not be bored when my mind’s in a blank. Work-wise or course-wise, at least. Writer’s Block some people would call it, but regardless, having got the 360 I inevitably got coerced into online gaming. So how is that going? Well…

SoulCalibur IV (Category-tagged as SCIV) is a mixed bag of allsorts, really. Some contests so far have been interesting, and I’ve come across some really skilled opponents who know their fighting style well (and they would kick my backside anyday). Then there’s others… *facepalms* …they seem to believe button bashing makes the world go round. Imagine someone constantly bashing random buttons and then just trying to make you constantly defend so they can get an easy Critical Finish. That’s the kind of thing some people do, and it frustrates the hell out of me. That’s where most of my victories so far have come from – sidestepping people on a Y-button frenzy then giving them a spinning Kilik special.

Then there’s the few who button-bash themselves into a ring-out. Or try to bash you onto the edge to knock you out of the ring, taking the “easy victory”. One guy tried that tactic, found himself on the end of my wrath when I slapped him out with two ring-outs of my own. I can take the easy way out, but I would like to choose not to: It’s part of my personal battle etiquette. Sadly not everyone is like that, so the most I can do is slap an avoid label on them. Though it was amusing to find the one guy playing a Voldo style, in a bashing frenzy no doubt, causing himself to Ring Out the same time as me – but because he dived out of the ring rather than fell, he lost the round. I could imagine the look on his face, that total disbelief of “****! I almost had that *****!”

Then, in a nod to Dvotee and part of his blogging, I also have Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (the only game that came with the 360). At first I was hesitant to play it, I admit, simply because I’m not entirely a huge fan of FPS games (I probably could say I enjoyed Halo for the storyline, but following Halo 3 I just felt sick – explanation later). When I did finally spin the disc, however, I surprised myself. Yeah, I sucked even on Easy mode on the campaign (being a newbie, I wanted to at least get accustomed to the controls), and even in the online game my accuracy probably is rather crap. But having played a few times online, I realised that it’s not so much the crapness as it is the speed and awareness of your surroundings.

I’ve been caught out a few times, either too busy looking down a sniper scope or too focused on one target to watch my back, but each time I got into that zone I ended up being stabbed in the back or some such gruesome end. And each time I try to hunker down and find a target, I often find my timing is off or I’m waiting too far away for my shots to bear any accuracy at all. Though I’m mean with a medic and a shotgun – I can find some amazing hiding spots and just expend three rounds into someone’s back as they pass in front of me, much to the unfortunate realisation of this one guy last night who kept pursuing me after I killed him the first time – to the point I earned the Nemesis badge just before my side lost.

And then finally, PGR4. Can’t say I’ve been online too much concerning the game (only started playing today) but I seem to have an idea of what skill level I’m at relatively from a basic standpoint, since I’m hitting just under average race times but still avoiding the bottom by at least a 20 player margin in tournaments. Speaking of, I’ll be racing in today’s Daily Tournament, so hopefully I might see you guys on there. Trying to get into the cup as well, but hitting a 1:58 is really tough when the best you can get to is 2 mins around the track. I’m sure I can find it though – I slow up too much at some points, and I need to avoid crashing. I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

Back to the Halo thing, and…I loved Halo 1 and 2. The storyline was one of the strongest I’ve seen in all FPS games I’ve personally seen, and the controls allowed for some give and take if you weren’t the most eager of shooters. Halo 3, however…I don’t know what happened to Bungie when they made it, but what the hell happened to their story? It was like they had seriously given up. It reminded me a lot of Spyro 3 on the PS: First one was challenging and, though a pain, it could be completed (same story with Halo, actually…) while the second added new elements but kept the challenge in it (again, Halo 2). But then the third game arrived and, for some reason, it felt like they knew it was going to end for them with this game (or assumed it would end) and had simply gone for the “everything dies” concept. Spyro 3 didn’t do this (it just made it completable within a day if you played from dawn until dusk – first time) but Halo 3…read to me like an anticlimax. Maybe it was because I played it on Easy mode that I didn’t see the Chief or anyone else survive, but seriously? Killing everyone off, just like that? And the only survivor of the entire thing seems to be some alien dude – and he was on the same ship at the end! So what…?

Anyway, ending my rant here. Only got a little time before qualification for the daily closes. I better be ready.

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