A Word from the Beef

Been a while? Yes, I know. But since Tiamos is on a partial hiatus having been swamped with course work and a few troubles with the web forum mentioned in the previous post (to the point the only comment about the 360 is Friday night’s BC2 game was fun with Dvotee and the gang) I’ve stepped in to bring up a few gaming tidbits to report about – and even a comic in the possible future.

First off, the gaming parts. One that has caught his eye between headwork on the coursework and such is something called Eden Eternal, joining up with a guild there called Spartans on Emerald server. At least, he has on another of his known characters, Enyon (a familiar name for anyone who’s followed me in the past).

On another side of things, a return to WoW is on the cards in the future: Negotiating himself out of his ending contract with his current provider, he’s going to manage to save half the money every month – which is double WoW’s cost to keep up. So it might be a return to WoW in the future as well. This will take a while, though, so it will probably not be until mid/late-July, if not in August sometime.

Also, since there’s been a little more fiddling on the model viewer, a few ideas have come up on how to interpret the captures into a comic format of some kind. There won’t be any polish or fancy graphics for the entire thing, but it’ll be something at the very least. And there is a plan to not do just one, but two comics, featuring two sides of a bilinear storyline. Should that have caught your attention, keep tuned for a scheduled beginning sometime early 2012 (while other things get resolved, such as script, layout, characters, etc. are etched in – and may even host in some cameos from other popular webcomics).

Also, it’ll be the first time this hunk of beef gets to see any action. You’re welcome in advance.

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