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So…in case you missed it, I did a past investigation into the “Trial WoW” that is active at the moment. If you did, you can visit Gordrake’s page, but following investigation I decided that I should probably bide my time for a little longer just in case something else crops up, which will buy me time to see what route RP goes down come the Autumn/Winter months. Apparently it goes quiet in the summer time (summer sun and all that nonsense) but I remain skeptical, so we’ll see. Nothing confirmed yet at least.

In other news in my life though, I managed to successfully switch broadband provider. Means I now have a lot more leeway in my finances (£20 more leeway a month, effectively) though it comes at the cost of my previously reliable internet. So far hasn’t proven itself to be worthy, but I’ll give it 12 months to sort itself out. If not, then I know who not to go back to once contract expires (and I have a fair idea of who I would return to afterwards, providing they don’t go folding on themselves before then). So I might be doing a lot more in the future, though priority will probably be saving up for a few games I plan to get.

First of which, Skyrim. And for those who haven’t seen it, this will be a treat:

Second is likely going to be Battlefield 3, and set aside 12 minutes of your life for this one:

Among others, I will also have my eyes on Fable 3 and Oblivion, so chances are I’ll be keeping my eyes open in second-hand shops for those. But back to the present, and I got a new video treat here for everyone. Only my second video playing the game but I was reviewing my clips and found it amusing that I was really getting to grips with using a knife – even more so than a gun. Considering a lot of where I get stuck at is close terrain, it makes sense (but I do suggest now sticking to a shotgun on the freezer level, the Russians will happily knife you as well) and keep my gun for long range shooting. It’s also quieter.

So with that in mind, remember that if you do happen to go against me, I’ll hunt you down without mercy…and hunt you down all nightmare long. 😉 Enjoy.

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