An Open Notice on Rioting

I had originally sent this in to the BBC, but since they are prone to edit and alter the contents, I have made the full, unedited version here, since I feel it brings up an opinion a lot of others probably feel. And before I get comments saying I’m some rich bum who’s simply making a remark on the violence, I’ve been unemployed most of my life (excepting a period between November last year and April this year) and live in one of the least improved counties in Britain to date.

Seriously, now these acts are being organised? This is
no simple mindless looting rabble if you ask me, this
is organised theft. Numbers in the thousands,
disorganisation in the police ranks and lacking of
numbers to be anywhere near effective. Personally,
I'd be happy to see the culprits shot - it'll bring a
heavy message to all rioters in future incidents and
if these guys are familiar faces, common everyday
punishments are doing nothing to help stem the tide
of senseless looting.

Blaenau Gwent hasn't had employment or decent shops
in years since the mines closed, you don't see our
lot looting and pillaging simply for the thrill of
it. Ultimately, doing this sort of mindless act only
causes more financial hardship for the people in
general. Businesses are either forced to close
because they fall bankrupt from the loss of goods or
lose interest in a potentially volatile location and
vacate themselves from the store, leaving an empty
space where there was once a store.

Have you seen the streets of Blaenau Gwent shopping
centers? If any more shops close, we'd have a hard
time living in our own county without transport.
Closing shops causes redundancies and a loss of jobs
in general. Losses in jobs creates more unemployed.
More unemployed means more pressure for government to
create more jobs in areas that are known to be victims
of acts of violence. But nobody's interested in
placing investment in what is a financially
problematic location.

So this ultimately does nothing but terrorizes a
county, a community, a town, a city, whatever, and
defiles it's reputation beyond recovery. And that's
not going into the cost for those who could possibly
end up losing their lives and livelihoods to the more
zealous rioters, the cost to the insurance companies
who have to pay out and then raise insurance premiums
to cover for the costs, which in turn raises prices
across the board, or even the cost of the goods stolen
and looted which robs businesses of the very thing
that keeps them active. And when you decide to loot a
charity shop, you know you've hit a new despicable low.

If this isn't some organisation planning this, then
it's nothing more than a rabble of mindless thieves.
In either case, should it start around me, I got some
wood with a rioter's name on it, police or no.

Comments are optional. I won’t be likely to post many/all.

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