Something’s Gonna Break

I swear, something will. And it’s not going to be pretty.

First off, a recent personal incident I was involved with. Several members of the family have been accused of things that haven’t happened. Mother flipped a lid, started shouting about it. Nan – stupidly – brought the accusees over. Following that, arguments begin, and a brutish piece of scum shoved my mother to the floor. I defend her by making sure he gets out and doesn’t return. The only ones who got charged in that entire affair? Me and my mother. I accept my part and won’t argue that. What I will argue is that that piece of shit got off with no punishment – despite breaking two fingers in what was nothing more than a needless and aggressive act. Law system in the UK: Failed.

So then on the topic of jobs. Since leaving my past job back in April, I’ve been trying to find work where I can, only there isn’t any where I look to find it. Recently there have been jobs coming up for coverage of the Christmas period, but they are obviously very temporary and aren’t to be considered in any way as a realistic chance of a permanent, lasting job – even if there might always be a chance, it’s minimal at best with the current money-hungry climate. And there’s no funding in my area for more jobs, so employment system in the UK: Fail.

But that’s not all for the employment system. Because here is a stark reality: Spend money on drink and fags enough to mess your mind and body to a state of disrepair, where you are addicted and unable to walk straight when sober, you get disability benefits. Suffer from natural causes like arthritis, asthma, weak heart, inflammation of the spine and have a body so unstable you need crutches daily to get around over lengthy distances (perhaps a distance of 1/4 mile minimum) and rely on support from a family member on a regular enough basis? Apparently that’s someone who is suitable for work. And I haven’t even gone through the entire list of illnesses. Basically, employment services – and the government by extension – will pay you to fuck yourself up, but encourage those fucked up by nature to work. Employment System: Epic Fucking Fail.

All while everyone is struggling to make ends meet and at the breaking of Christmas around the corner, not only do I have a fine to pay and a lack of job that, compounded, means I cannot provide any financial support to my family, but now also my mother is looking to have her money cut down in November simply because she’s not an alcoholic pisshead that can no longer think straight. And this is all worked out because it is all on a “points based system”. Guess what, Government? YOUR POINTS SYSTEM IS FUCKED UP! It’s punishing the suffering and rewarding the self-inflicted! What next, you going to pay the parents of suicidal bastard children when they end up slitting their throats and wrists because their parents can’t buy what their children want for Christmas?!

Great Britain?! Fuck Britain. And fuck all of government – this problem is because of their collective ignorance and laziness in getting things done. Maybe if they started tackling other serious issues like the unemployment across Britain, maybe if they started being unsympathetic for the self-harmed and maybe if they started spending more time on Britain than on witty, half-pan jokes in the House between each other, situations like mine won’t even exist. So fuck you all – Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, whothefuckever – fuck you all. You’ve done nothing for me, I won’t do anything for you.

Something will break. And if I break first, there’ll be a lot more that will break before I’m stopped.

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