Monday Musing – The Full Response

Some of you may have checked your Monday Musing and have noticed that the last Musing on the page was, in fact, my own. Not entirely expecting it to be there but I guess the guys at Inside Xbox decided it was one of the few that deserved a mention. As they have a character and space limit on the small page Xbox provides them though, I figured I would post the unedited, uncut version here for what context that portion was taken from.

I believe SloppyJoe72’s remarks are true, and not just for the CoD franchise. Take a look at the moment at the most recent releases that people are currently enjoying and loving. Skyrim has been highly anticipated and, by the majority of the Elder Scrolls fans, it has been embraced with plenty of love, passion and FUS RO DAH! How long did that take to produce? A few years since Oblivion, right?

Contrast this to the current feel among some of the Call of Duty fans, who feel that it is the same churned-out system since MW1 (and in respect of the engine, it actually is), or the Battlefield 3 players who have to not only deal with imbalance but also from a multitude of bugs and issues that were present even in the Beta.

A lot of people feel that the CoD franchise is becoming an annual thing alongside F1, FIFA, Pro Evo, Madden NFL when it really doesn’t need to be. Some Battlefield players feel that EA has forced a rushed game simply to get in the market before the other titles hit the shelves. Ultimately, they both get the same feel: They both feel rushed. Skyrim could be claimed to be a 5-year project since it has been around 5 years since Oblivion’s release, so it clearly wasn’t rushed, which left time to be inspired, unique and interesting for all. When you are pushing out titles every year, or being forced to comply with a deadline, it also forces a rushed design process, which leaves very little space for innovation, for passion, for achieving the feel of a truly spectacular and awe-inspiring game.

This should be a heavy lesson for developers and producers alike to be a bit more flexible in the future with their deadlines. People will respect more a perfectly formed game over one that requires patches every week to be improved.

Sadly for everyone else, I can’t seem to find out where the original poster’s comments disappeared to. They should really keep a log of past musings somewhere…

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