Since everyone is doing it…

Why not? So 2011. I have to admit, I don’t usually do any lookbacks over the year, because there’s not usually much to look back to. But…I don’t know. For this year, it’s been pretty different to the usual. For one, I began this year in work, which was a plus for me since it was what ultimately paid for my 360 and the games I started off with. Sadly, that turned out to be the only job I would find in this year, despite applying for several jobs over the months following April. I had a period where I played a small acting role for a minor video company working locally (on history…some nonsense about the cholera epidemic, obviously…), but I never kept in contact with the company producing it, so…le shrug? That was voluntary, and the other voluntary place I used to go to had turned…dick-ish over 6 months, so I gave no fucks for that.

The 360 effectively replaced my desire to get involved with World of Warcraft, a game I once thought I would always be playing but, later through this year, I’ve become rather disappointed in the direction of the lore and the system. I’ve had a period of struggling to want to get back into it ever since because the only thing that would pull me back is roleplay, and while I had a moment of interest before Christmas, a combination of Skyrim and the lack of interest in playing the game as a game (I.E. what I am meant to be paying the £9 for), has once again made me wonder if it’s even worth bothering to pay for it. The fact that I had money today on the eve of the new year and even then had no desire to renew and instead chose to get a charge & play pack for my controller instead (for £3 more) probably only solidifies my subconscious desire to not bother renewing or going back. It wouldn’t be until I stopped procrastinating and got Steam that I would use the PC for gaming in any way after that, and even then that’s been a rare thing.

Minor aside on the PC side of things: Out of five systems, only three still fully function: The 360, the PS2 and my widescreen PC (it’s 1366×768). My notebook has a fan that’s dysfunctional, and I have no knowledge of how to open it up to inspect it. It overheats if used strenuously over any long period of time (hence why it packed in during a Skype call), so should it come to getting a replacement, transferring the content would still be possible, so it’s all good. Then the last XP system I have…fuck knows. I start it up, it gets to the XP logo and the loading bar thing and it either crashes THEN or it’ll crash during use, whether I’m in a program or not. I could be in the middle of playing a DVD and it’d just whine and die. I honestly have no goddamn clue what’s wrong with it, and don’t want to format HDD because (A) I have important coursework on that computer that CANNOT be deleted, else I will have to catch up on a year’s worth of coursework which I can’t afford to do, and (B) I don’t have an XP installation disk… *facedesk*

So much for minor…

So…console gaming, and the reason why I’ve registered to Achievement Hunter. PS2 gaming has all but died by now, with all the focus shifting to the PS3 (wrongly, in my opinion). I still think the PS2 was the best in the PS2-Xbox contest, and if the PS3 wasn’t so infused with their bu-ray technology I am of a firm belief it would have been more of a contender to the 360 than it was. So I keep my PS2 to enjoy the classics (and the BETTER parts of the Final Fantasy series). Then I have my 360 for the ‘modern’ gaming. For me, though, ‘modern’ is a relative term, because I can barely afford new games at the moment with my ‘lack of work’ situation. I was lucky enough to have enough to get Skyrim (which has basically grabbed everyone I know) and Space Marine, but beyond that, most of my game collection is a year or more old. Including arcade games, like Torchlight and Uno.

The games would mean so little, though, without friends to play them with. And I’ve got so many good friends over this past year of gaming: Dvotee is the first to call out for me, because he was the first I got to know (through WoW, ironically) and is the one I remembered when the game that I had with the 360 – Bad Company 2 – was actually a game he played with his group called Bravo 2 Company. They’re all generally an awesome bunch of guys, so they each deserve some props, but Dvotee gets a few more because he even got me Fable 3 on the PC for my birthday. So he’s pretty awesome. And speaking of awesome people, I can’t go without mentioning DrunkinDunkin, who – simply as an act of sheer generosity – gifted me with a year’s worth of Xbox Live Gold. I have no words to thank him completely for this, but what words I can spare will have to do. So yeah, total respect for that guy. And I can’t go talking about awesome people without mentioning MrCheapKills either. While he hasn’t got me anything himself, he’s still a pretty respectful and awesome guy – and he’s also a Welshie like me – so what more reason do I need?

Then there’s the Achievement Hunter people. I’ve made so many conversations with the guys at AHTV – both in chat and out of it – and played games with a number of the community. Some have really been great to be around, though. BrownMan should be the first I put out there, since I got involved with a warthog game that he never made a video for after but it was still great fun for us guys with him around, so that encouraged me to get more involved. And from one Ray to another – BioHRay, who has just been a great community member in general and gets full props for engaging with the community where he can. Among the other community members, some respect goes out to GeorgiusRex (SidusGeorgium over Twitter), JuiceThrower (though haven’t seen him much for a while), TimLeftwich (OUTATIME!), Hoorah93 (who, besides the occasional annoyance, is a decent enough guy in all) and KistyNocturn(um) (great gaming woman, and enjoys a laugh with the guys). Last, but by no means least, I have to give mention to Queen Mab – Better known as Queen or Mab, usually Mab by me – for just being such a great person to talk to and be around. I could say so much on that here, but you people wouldn’t get the joke in the pipe.

Up next: 2012 (and not the movie).

-Happy New Year from Tiamos Loren and Gordrake Thunderhoof.

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One Response to Since everyone is doing it…

  1. boooooo…I’m a great person to talk to too 😦 but I dun play any games like you do.

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