Anger Borne on a Dark Hour

So…rant time. Because I feel I need to get it out somehow.

First off, let’s start with the most apparent on my mind right now: The cold weather.

I posted that on my YouTube channel and it has yet to recieve any response from the Council or any representatives of. Obviously they give no fucks, then, of the injuries caused by the weather around their schools. So let’s put a hypothetical spin on this: Should a parent find oneself in A&E for trying to take their child to school, that’d leave the child distraught and unable to cope in the school environment with that concern on their mind. Child gets called to be sent home, but the parent isn’t there. Who’d look after the child if the other parent is unavailable/in work? Child would then have to be kept in school custody, comforted by the odd passer by in the hallways or something. And that parent? They can’t claim any compensation or reimbursement for their injury if they have to work straight after – they walk on the grounds “at their own risk” as long as the ground is left untreated. And by doing this “at their own risk”, they’re likely at risk of not claiming sickness payments for time spent unable to work as the injury was caused “willingly, knowing the risks involved”. And this is just one person’s circumstance, and not even taking into account the possibility of either parent or child having disabilities that affect movement, the cost to the NHS for snow-related injuries like this, the cost to the child for being distracted from their education or the time spent by the companies of those injured trying to manage their workloads in such times. And not taking the child to school isn’t an option either – by government law now, we are instructed to get these children to school or parents could be fined for not doing so.

Someone want to explain to me where the justice is in this?

And staying on the topic, gas companies. While I understand that you’re running a business model and you have to feed yourselves too, do you have to rake up the price of gas during the Winter? When the gas is most likely to be used to make sure people don’t end up dying of hypothermia, suffering colds or anything in between? We are constantly told to keep our homes warm, but how is that possible when households spend something like £5 a night (usually more) to keep heating active throughout the household? Those people then, unable to sustain their warm environment, are suffering in the cold and are faced with taking to illness. Illnesses that often mean more NHS funds being spent, more sick payments being sent out, more elderly/weakened bodies left along the morgue. Illnesses that strain the government more and, in turn, the tax payer – you people still placing extortionate prices to keep the warmth in. All because gas companies charge more in cold weather to milk the economy for all it’s worth. “Oh, don’t worry, our prices will go down during the Summer period!” Yeah, when there’s no fucking cold weather! And the only gas that gets used is often to cook food – which, in comparison, is not a lot.

Or maybe you’re one of several companies that have a multi-tier system to your services? I know the electric companies are like that. “Use only 6 items regularly in your household? Get the low-rate power usage! Oh, is that a seventh? Higher rate! Higher rate!” Honestly, I am more reassured by my internet provider when it comes to knowing what the fuck I get and how much I am able to get for the price. I know people will put the claim out now that it’s dependant on the appliance and how much power it requires and blah, blah, blah…yeah, explain to me how the fuck the dial that spins around to determine the rate of electricity going through practically doubles in speed the moment a mobile phone charger is plugged into the socket and turned on. Then get back to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the similar story for the gas companies either. “Sure, have your cooking gas, but if you want to heat your water to clean that shit on your back, that’s extra!” Oh, and when that electricity goes? Who would give a fuck about the gas when we can’t keep frozen and chilled items in our fridge-freezers?!

Every fucker is so blinded by self-indulgent greed, they really don’t see the bigger picture.

And speaking of fuckers that can’t see the bigger picture, here’s a spot for you, Department for Work and Pensions. How the fuck can you expect an arthritic, asthmatic, crutch-dependant 50+ woman with no experience or training in any sense of the word to find a fucking job in a county that already has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the UK? I’ve been seeking work for going on 7 years, guess how long I’ve worked for? 6 months. And that wasn’t even in a job I was sufficiently trained in, one I wanted to experience or even one I was aiming to do. I was forced onto that job – Street Cleanser, Neighbourhood Operative, call it whatever the fuck you want – because it had a high chance of employment and because turning it down – regardless of my more desireable position of being in an IT-related position – would stop my own benefits. And now you claim this woman is able to find work? And not only that, but despite launching an appeal against the decision, you have made one payment in three months to help her survive while the appeal goes through. While the points previous are still valid arguments to make, it has now come to the point that I am personally relied on to help this household survive because of your inadequate communication skills between your departments. That’s right – a 25 year old, unemployed and looking male is supporting an aging female and even a child in the household because of the stupidity of the department as a whole.

And guess the fuck what? I can’t do it all on JSA.

I hardly doubt any top-brass government official is going to see this and, if any do, they won’t give two fucks about my circumstance since I’m viewed to be a minority case. Which, by the way, means I’m minority because I’m the only one making vocal my opinions and stance on how this shit-tip of a country is being run and managed by those meant to actually make it work. And no gas or electric company authority will give a fuck because they don’t want to own up to their tricks of the trade in order to milk enough money dry while trying to keep things “financially viable” to any government officials that give a fuck about the circumstances people have to live through in times like this. Fuck, wouldn’t surprise me if half of them deny such things as “bogus” or as “fabricated” to make them look bad. I’m not looking to play your law game – you know it too well and have all the pieces to play it, and I’m not stupid enough to make video evidence only for it to be claimed as forged or unreliable by your lawyers on the same paychecks as your assholes. In fact, fuck it, this isn’t even for people like that. Let the people who are willingly going to read this and go “He’s right, we’re being fucked over here!” show their numbers. Let people see this shit won’t be tolerated any longer.

If they want to do this by the numbers, let them start counting – them and us.

Oh, and lest we forget: We’ve been here before.

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