What The Mother Fuck Youtube?!

It’s a rare day that I will swear off something with every fibre of my being for being so horrendously retarded it should be obliterated from existence. Even less so when the thing in question is something I use on a DAILY basis, whether for the content that’s produced or for my own contributions in one way or another. But holy fuck, what has happened to Youtube since Google took over to the point of making me remove content from display on my OWN channel and exile myself from using it until it fixes it’s shit?! How did it get to be this BAD at managing it’s PR and whole system when it came to corporate bullshit?!

Honestly, this entire farce with Google basically buttfucking Youtube is nothing short of a disaster; a hurricane that started off as a breeze, then got stronger by the will of “the Google gods”. Now it’s just destroying everything from the inside out, and I have to wonder if this is a corporate joke or if they seriously expect to come out the better for this when content creators, musical artists, development companies, EVERYONE is being dragged into this, whether they like it or not – and half of them don’t even WANT to be a part of it – namely both the designer of the game AND the composer for the music for VVVVVV.

I’m frankly of a personal mindset to leave Youtube to it’s own devices and find another video hosting space – but the problem there is that good ones are very hard to come by, and I doubt we can expect any good video hosting site for LP’s anywhere in the future. And you can’t even dispute these things now, from what I’ve seen, if they do make a mistake (I have a video with an acknowledged claim because I can’t make a damn sense as to what the claim is even for). Hell, some of these claims are actually from fraudsters and people abusing the everliving fuck out of the Content ID system for Youtube money – and that basically means any dumb shit can be making Youtube cents (sometimes fraudulently) off a video you might not even want monetized in the first fucking place!

Sadly, my solution isn’t a solution for everyone, and not everyone can just pack up and protest Youtube’s asinine bullshit. And because of this, people’s livelihoods are being put at risk – all because of Google being an asshole! I mean, come on Google, when even GAME DEVELOPERS ARE FIGHTING AGAINST YOUR FUCKED UP SYSTEM, the last thing you dumbfucks should do is release a fucking statement protesting your innocence and support for a system THAT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK AS INTENDED.

And Google isn’t listening. Youtubers have openly agreed to go “tell you what, I used this much of your content in my content, have a fraction of it rather than all of it like it is now”. But there’s no system in place to consolidate how much of a content is used and giving consideration for a “Fair Use” policy that’s already part of the legal system – it’s like this dumbass bot only has two switches, and Content ID is making it flip every single one of the fuckers. There’s not even an acknowledgement to change the system – whether that’s because they’re afraid of corporate rebuttal or just not competent enough to manage their own systems is a topic of debate – and then there’s companies that make it so fucking simple to abuse the system! WHY THE FUCK IS THIS A THING?!

And lest we forget, this isn’t a system that actually functions as intended every time. But then that’s what you get when you outsource a problem and don’t bother taking the time to oversee the execution of it, GOOGLE. And where channels can get REALLY fucked up is if one company decided to blanket-statement remove everything matched to their content. All it would take is for one company to go “fuck you” and channels can get closed in an instant, with no warning or prior communication before the takedown happens. And of course, Nintendo is still in the dog house over it.

How does Google not see this entire clusterfuck as a complete PR disaster? Youtube is a name, and one that’s popular and well-known in every circle of life these days. It’s become a household franchise, and content creators know better than anyone how to get people continuing to flock to their website because they’ve been there for years. So what, in all of the name of everything holy, are they doing to the people who basically make Youtube what it is with this corporate leash-yanking? It’s unnecessarily restrictive and is so open to abuse it beggars belief, and the only reason I can’t see Youtube fearing backlash from the other side of the fence is because the channels being affected are, largely, devoid of their own lawyers who can sue Google for loss of profits.

Content ID is a system that CAN be made to work as intended, and/or give a portion of revenues in relation to content, or they could even have a system in place that encourages content creators and those using the Content ID system to COMMUNICATE before thrusting everyone into the killing floor of it’s system. It doesn’t have to be this corporate fuck-up of a mess if Google itself chooses to LISTEN and COMMUNICATE with it’s content creators and all those corporations who seemingly have two left nuts twisted painfully inside of their asshole (and those more respectable ones who actually promote free speech in this day and age).

Are they intent on corporate suicide for the video hosting company, hoping another will rise from the ashes of a broken system? Or are they actually caught between a rock and a hard place with some of these lawyer-tossing corporations looking for an excuse to sue Google in a culture that gets orgasms over the mere mention of a lawsuit? Why is coming up with an appropriate, suitable solution for all parties involved such a hard thing to do? There HAS to be more communication, and Google HAS to start getting involved more proactively if they want to come out of this on top – blanket statements, evasive PR and ignorance to the shitstorm around them is only going to break the foundations of what made Youtube what it was before they owned it. And when that happens, Youtube will have to be shut down and then nobody’ll be happy.

Just…don’t get me fucking started on requiring Google+ for most of the shit anymore.

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