So the old introduction page was getting stale. I decided to change it to this page so that it’s now more about me and things I aim to do with this blog. I’ve decided also that, since I’m going to be contributing articles there too, I’ll use the profile I’ve written up for WASDpad.com and probably add in a few changes here and there.

So as you may see, I go by the name Tiamos Loren. I like to keep worlds separate, so I’ll stick to that for right here and now. I have had a great interest in games and gaming for as long as I can remember, starting from using BASIC on the ancient home computers to NES all the way to modern-day PS2 and 360 consoles (which still function and I play sometimes on my desk). I would love to be able to create my own game(s) or even my own IP one day, but until then I rant about an industry I love and care about (which is why I rant, typically). My opinions are always my own and sometimes I bring in a few factoids – and I occasionally pull things out of my backside that make logical sense.

As some of you may point out, I tend to be structured and methodical in my approach to writing. This comes from a roleplaying background where detail is a crucial element, particularly in forum-based RP, and the structure then builds from that point and upwards. This roleplaying has a continued interest through my gaming, though that often blends lately with the FPS/3PS genres (Oh, Final Fantasy, how I miss what you used to be…). I am a great fan of the Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect series, and occasionally divert from one genre or the other (I.E. Space Marine, Halo, Minecraft). Though I have had a severe itch for turn-based strategy lately, started by XCOM: Enemy Unknown and layered on with some Fire Emblem. And of course Ultima IV.

I also get involved with some PC gaming where possible (my computer is far from the most reliable), with interests ranging from indie games such as the Avernum series and Battle for Wesnoth to full-blown MMO’s such as RuneScape and I used to play/RP on World of Warcraft – but let’s not talk about that, haven’t been there since Cataclysm. For the wrong reasons, trust me. The first game I hope to develop will probably be PC indie-born also, though first I would need a graphic artist first to deal with that…just imagine me stroking my chin at this point and sighing to myself.

One thing I have noticed greatly since getting more involved and interested in the gaming world is that it’s a complete minefield, like a consistently shifting plane, never fully resembling one pattern and the moment it seems to fix there’s a sudden jarring and it shifts once more. The growth of the industry is something I look forward to seeing and I hope to be a part of it one day. All I ask, if I become a part of it, is that someone reminds me of my beginnings should I ever start floating away on that cloud I’ve seen a few developers floating on lately – the one labelled “idealism”. But until then, I guess I’ll rant, both over here and in support of WASDpad’s growing community.

Twitter, XBL and Steam names are all “TiamosLoren”. Just make sure if you add me on the latter two that you let me know how you know me – I have a habit of operating a “no randoms” policy.

It should also be noted that since this is my personal blog, I will also be writing occasionally about things that don’t relate to the gaming world at all, and my rants will be sometimes different from the norm. This is mostly just my place to get all the crap off my chest and throw it out there into the open void of the internet to either be consumed, destroyed or proven to not even reasonably exist in the first place and give me a reason to have faith in humankind once more.


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