Why I won’t be on the “Work for Dole” scheme.

For those of you of foreign interest, this and this is the kind of matter that this rant/discussion is going to be about. Now I am all for fixing the problems of long-term unemployment in the UK (heck, I’m one of them and hate it) but I would like the problems to have the right solutions, not ones that infuriate and anger those people who are being unjustly punished for the freeloading assholes who are enjoying the ride on the same boat. So I decided that the best way to respond was to bring the matter to the MP’s relevant to the discussion. The following is a large excerpt from that e-mail: Continue reading

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The FF7 Debate – Why some re-releases suck ass.

So for those of you that don’t know, FF7 was just released on Steam today. But don’t buy it based on nostalgia – especially if you’ve been playing the PSX version in the past and haven’t even touched the PC release. Why? Continue reading

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Xbox One – The Ramble

So the way I wrote this blog post is in conjunction with how the reveal is screened, in that order for the most part also. It’s also a long one, so feel free to skim over the bold parts that hold no interest with you. Continue reading

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Nintendo and the Youtube Money

So a company finally goes all-out and starts taking in money from videos of people playing their content and suddenly there’s a shitstorm about it. Continue reading

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The Shitstorm of Always Online Gaming

So this morning I was treated to this ‘tasty’ article regarding one developer’s idea of the real world. Now this may easily be dismissed as one person’s rambling, but this is a man who has made a name for himself in the industry, particularly one who has worked on what could be considered AAA-range IP’s. But this is a near-perfect example of how alienated and how closed-minded those working in the industry can be. In Manveer Heir’s defense, he did attempt to cool the situation post-argument and make amends, but that doesn’t stop the Reddit army from attacking the Creative Director’s comments as ignorant – which, for the large part, they are.

Continue reading

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